1987-2004 Warrior 350

2004-2013 Raptor 350

(Will fit other yamaha yfm family motors)

Included in kit:

4 head studs (2 long 2 short)

4 12pt Nuts 

4 Copper crush washers

Installation instructions:

NOTE: Before installation holes in the cases must be clean and without debris.

Studs should be lubricated with assembly lube, anti seize, or grease to prevent seizing the studs in the cases over time. 

The short studs go into the clutch side (right side) engine case and the longer studs go into the timing chain side (left side) case. Studs are to be tightened to 7ftlbs with the use of the 4mm allen socket in the top of the stud. 

Assemble cylinder and head as normal. Once assembled use the copper washers provided with the kit and the nuts. Torque sequence is as follows.

1st 15ft/lbs front left, right rear, left rear, right front.

2nd 30ft/lbs front left, right rear, left rear, right front.

3rd 45ft/lbs front left, right rear, left rear, right front.

4th and final. 50ft/lbs  front left, right rear, left rear, right front

After initial heat cycles it is recommended to re-torque the nuts to insure they are settled and maintain tq. 

All other bolts/studs in the cylinder a d head are to follow factory tq specs. 

Copper washers are not reusable. After brought to full torque they are to be thrown away if removed. 

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Yamaha Warrior/Raptor 350 ARP head stud kit

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