Photo credit: Brandon Henry at Henry's Porting Service 

Fits - ALL YEARS 2006-Pressent Yamaha 700 Raptor 
Sprocket compatibility - 12-15 tooth front sprocket. 
Color - Black, white upon request (note: white requires up to 2 days processing time due to it being a non stocked item and will need to be cut to order basis) 
Hardware - Stainless bolts and washers included 

The DRW Performance case saver is a cut above the rest. With over 8 years of development and refinement to both fit, finish, and quality. With a proud track record of 1000+ in use today and 0 failures to date! No other case saver brand has a track record of zero failures or is willing to put their word on it. There is thousands of hours of design and prototype development in the design of these case savers. With the innovative design of our very own chain guide that completely eliminates the possibility of the chain wrapping around the sprocket, or coming into contact with the expensive cases or expensive electronic sensors. These case savers completely encapsulate the chain area without the possibility of the chain going anywhere other then it's normal chain path thus reducing the risk of any harsh impacts or doubling up all the while fully protecting everything in the area. 

This case saver use alternative mounts other then the factory mounts in case of previous chain damage has already occurred. 

NOTE: Only the 3 non factory mount holes will be drilled through with hardware. The 2 factory mount locations can be used but the hardware is not included in this kit (m6x30 bolts would be needed) the reason being is this is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get on and off with both the stock mounts intact and using the alternative mounts. 

Each DRW part is machined in house with zero outsourcing and no middle man. When you ask us a question we can answer it with absolute confidence. 

Combo shipping and group orders available. Message us for more details or with any questions you may have, we will be glad to help. 

All products are made in the USA with USA materials, and to the highest quality we are capable of producing.

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Raptor 700 V3 Case saver alternative mount case saver

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