About Us

DRW is a small ATV parts production shop on the rise. This was not our intention at first however. Our story is actually a bit more enthusiast based then you might think. We started riding as children and as we wore things out we modified to make thing function and perform better as we went. As time passed we found parts that we wanted but were not produced, like the quality of case savers you see now. So we started with hand tools to make our own. After we had accomplished that people started asking for one for their machine. And as many great ideas, it has spiralled into the business you see before you. We still keep that enthusiast heart for all of our parts and are more then understanding of what can happen on the trail because we are out there ourselves as often as we can be. A decade, two shops, and thousands of hours later DRW Performance has come into its own and is the company you see before you today. It is a pleasure to work with each of you and we look forward to helping to the best of our abilities to help fulfill your needs as both fellow riders, and parts suppliers.